OutrageMag.com Launched

Online Publication Attempts to Promote Pinoy LGBTQ Rights.

In an attempt to provide an avenue for the Filipino lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community, up-and-coming publisher M.D. dela Cruz Tan recently launched Outrage Magazine (www.OutrageMag.com), the only online publication or e-zine of its kind in the country.

“Gay media, as it developed in the Philippines, focused on the extremes – it was politics versus sex and parties. We used to have a publication for the semi-political in Manila Out, and then, in the likes of ICON, GP, Coverboy and Valentino, we had those largely focusing on more sensationalized, albeit trifle, issues of gay parties and of sex for sex’s sake,” says Tan, who laments how “we continue failing to merge both, when that is what we should be doing.”

Instead of getting disappointed, however, Tan is challenged, while remaining optimistic. “This is the very reason of our existence- to help boost awareness not just of the community, but within the community. And the way we see best to do that is through proper information dissemination to empower LGBTQs to start acting to promote LGBTQ right. We may still take a while to get there, but with Outrage Magazine, we hope to make sure that come what may, we will certainly get there,” Tan ends.

For more information on Outrage Magazine, visit www.OutrageMag.com, email editor@outragemag.com or info@outragemag.com, or call (+63) 9287854244 and 9157972229.


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