Skechers Streetdance Battle: Crews Vow To Bring It!

The biggest street dance competition in the country!

The best dance crews representing various high schools and colleges in Metro Manila vie for top honors and ultimate bragging rights in the biggest street dance competition in the country.

Expect the budding b-boys and b-girls to “bring it” with a lot of pomp and attitude, as the battle for street supremacy begins with the fourth annual Skechers Streetdance Battle this year. With bragging rights of being the country’s best, not to mention the huge cash prize—at stake, expect a dazzling display of raw skills live on stage along with an exhibition of dynamic routines from the battling crews.

UP Diliman’s “The Crew”—three-peat College champs of the competition, got the party started with a thrilling performance that drew loud cheers from the appreciative crowd. DJ Kimosave was on hand to spin for the freestyle dance-off, as well as the Street Style fashion competition where the young fashionistas put their best urban look forward; while Sandwich capped off the night with a raucous performance.

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