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Modess and Carefree pave the way towards self-improvement in just 28 days.

Transformation begins with just one click.

Modess and Carefree, two of the country’s leading brands in feminine care, launch its latest campaign, ANewYou in 28 Days – an online campaign that empowers Filipinas towards self-improvement through goal-setting tools that make them better women in just 28 days. The online campaign also underscores how the practice of a proper feminine hygiene can free women from everyday feminine discomforts like wetness, period leaks and odors. Through this campaign, Modess and Carefree hope to help women focus their energy on things that truly matter in her life, including daily activities that take them one step closer to the fulfillment of her life’s goals and aspirations.

“A feminine hygiene regimen armed with Modess and Carefree products is an essential first-step towards self-improvement. With the adoption of a proper feminine hygiene regimen, women do not have to worry about discomforts of being a woman,” says Juni Corleto, Johnson & Johnson’s Women’s Health Group Brand Manager. “She can effectively channel her energy towards doing her job, passion, and hobbies.”

The campaign website,, features a 28-Day Goal program that lets a woman pursue a specified goal within 28 days. The 28-Day Goal allows the user to choose and set her goal based on her age group and her own personal interest. Pre-teens have three initial goal choices: Budding Baker, Sporty Gal, or a Shutterbug, while the teenager site registrant has the Certified Rocker, Beach Babe or Picture Perfect goals to choose from. The women, on the other hand, have the option to work on becoming Travel Savvy, a Beach Babe, or a Corporate Catch in just 28 days. A new goal per segment is added per month so women can continuously reinvent themselves towards a new, better her.

Corresponding Goal Guides, a downloadable mini-magazine that contains tips from specific field experts such as Sonja Ocampo, owner of Sonja’s Cupcakes, travel writer Pierra Labrador, and triathletes Marie Calica and Ann Arellano, are on hand to provide daily guides, insights and tips to help women achieve their respective 28-Day Goals.

Sticking to the 28-Day Goal program is made easier with the Online Planner, where five major tasks that are needed to accomplish the chosen goal are automatically plotted in a calendar. Packed with features, the Online Planner enables the user to track her daily task progress and at the same time, functions as an organizer where one can jot down notes, daily tasks, and even record her mood.

More importantly, the Online Planner helps women manage their period cycles by clearly plotting not only the predicted period day but also one’s ovulation day. It doubles as a cycle calculator in this sense, allowing her to take note and prepare for her next monthly cycle. It also comes with specific information on the right feminine hygiene products that should be used during different phases of her monthly cycle. An SMS message will even be sent directly to a woman’s mobile phone two days before her predicted period to remind her that her “monthly visitor” is coming. On top of these, the Online Planner also contains easy links to learn more about feminine concerns like discharge and PMS.

For the convenience of women, Modess and Carefree complements the Online Planner with a special product bundle, the 28-Day Kit, which contains feminine hygiene essentials for one cycle, like Modess regular and overnight pads and Carefree panty liners and feminine wash. Available in Watson’s for only P100.00, every 28-Day Kit carries a special code that can be used to earn points and redeem cool treats such as free Sebastian’s ice cream. Bigger rewards and freebies are also in store with the completion of every 28-Day Goal, such as free protein treatment in Azta Salon, free cookies from Cupcakes by Sonja, and discounts from and My Masterpiece Multi-Arts Center, among many others.

In addition to the 28-Day Goal feature, the site is rich with information that educates women on the importance of adopting a proper feminine hygiene regimen. In the section, Understanding My Body, a host of articles on how to combat discomforts associated with the menstrual cycle – PMS symptoms such as menstrual cramps, swelling and even skin breakouts – are posted for the benefit of users. An article on the importance of choosing the right products to keep one confident and worry-free all throughout the monthly cycle even comes with a 28-Day timeline with recommended products to use each day. The Doc Talk section on the other hand, encourages registered users to send in their personal questions about feminine hygiene and health to Dra. Tere Henson, MD, the site’s resident OB-Gynecologist.

“Modess and Carefree have been addressing the feminine needs of women for decades. Our complete line of feminine products and its proper usage will not only help minimize discomforts throughout a woman’s cycle but also contributes to one’s health and well-being,” adds Corleto.

Self-improvement is something that all women can achieve, regardless of age, lifestyle, and interests. By partnering with Modess and Carefree to alleviate the discomforts of one’s period cycle, accomplishing a goal that one sets her mind on doing is easily attainable, in only 28 days. Improving oneself by pursuing dreams and hobbies is now as easy as logging on to


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