Celebrate Punk Fashion With Blondie Ambition

Converse's Blondie line is ready to spark creativity, sensuality and a crazy go-getter attitude in you.

Sassy and sweet, edgy and fashionable, Blondie broke boundaries with their music and their style. Led by the überly sensual Debby Harry, Blondie made music headlines in the dying age of disco and the emergence of punk with their own unique sound!

A living punk rock legend established in 1976, Blondie had received numerous and had several hits peaking at hit charts in the UK, US, and other countries. But aside from their obvious musicality, as recognized by their fairly recent induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Blondie has inspired an eclectic mix of fashion, just like their music.

Tapping to this inspiration, Converse is unveiling its new Music Collaboration line featuring Blondie. Experience shoes that simply pop with vivid hues and graphic prints, the Blondie line is ready to spark creativity, sensuality and a crazy go-getter attitude in you.

Glide in lighter form with Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Light while enjoying a taste of sensuality in an abstract print shoe. You’ll definitely love the neon pink borders that pop out against the classic black and white backdrop. Love them for P 2,650.

Good girl meets punk in a classic hi-cut Converse Chuck Taylor when iconic black meets the former Playboy Bunny in her punk glory days sealed with Blondie’s signature neon pink. You could almost imagine showing them off at a club worn with equally eye-popping colored tights. Own it for P 2,950!

Creativity makes for some interesting outcomes, and when you blend differing logos that Blondie had used over the years, you’ll end up with a funky tri-stitch pair of chucks! And don’t think that’s all there is to this pair as you turn it the other way around and you’ll be greeted with a collage of Blondie images. It’s definitely worth checking out for P 3,550.

Give your wardrobe an edgy twist when you throw in leather and sass together to form a really cool pair of kicks. Animal prints do add a certain attraction on itself, add to that glisten of gold and it can get pretty irresistible. Make them the star of your outfit for P 3,950 and enjoy the envious stares you’re sure to receive.

Four awesome kicks that encompass Blondie’s punk rock spirits are waiting for your feet to walk in on and celebrate the punk fashion anew at select Converse stores nationwide! Don’t forget to get your daily dose of Converse updates at the Converse Philippines Facebook fan page and log on to www.converse.com.ph for the latest and upcoming styles.

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