Your City, Your Way: Access Your Personalized Content with ‘My ClickTheCity’

ClickTheCity users can now curate their own ClickTheCity content on My ClickTheCity, which allows easy-access to favorite malls, movies, authors, users and weekly e-mail updates.

Never miss out on the latest updates on all your favorite places and people around the city with our brand new feature made just for you on ClickTheCity!

With My ClickTheCity you can now curate your own personal mix of ClickTheCity content — the latest city updates and happenings the way you like it! My ClickTheCity is all about putting your top picks and follows front and center on your very own feed, now accessible through both our web and mobile site.

My ClickTheCity Web version
Users can also access My ClickTheCity on Mobile browsers
Get personalized content updates sent straight to your inbox with My ClickTheCity's weekly e-mail

With My ClickTheCity, we want to make it convenient for all users to easily access the most relevant and useful posts and content that you've followed, favorited, and reviewed through the Love Tag

My ClickTheCity rounds up all your favorite Movies and Establishments in a streamlined feed so you can keep tabs on the most current happenings. You can now easily check out if the movie you've been wanting to catch is now showing in your favorite cinemas, be alerted if your favorite mall is having special events or sales, and browse through all the shops and restaurants you've rated and reviewed on ClickTheCity — and even browse your friends' reviews to discover something new to check out the next time you go around the city.  

Follow other ClickTheCity users and authors to see what they're sharing about their favorite Establishments


Follow malls to get the latest on events and cinema schedules right on your My ClickTheCity feed



My ClickTheCity also shares on your feed the latest activity of ClickTheCity users and ClickTheCity authors you follow, letting you see what's new and what they are saying about it through their articles and reviews. Now you'll never miss out whenever your favorite authors just visited and featured a new place, or when your friend leaves a movie review on ClickTheCity! You'll also receive weekly e-mail updates on your favorite malls, cinemas, and authors.


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Follow other ClickTheCity users and authors to see what they're sharing about their favorite Establishments

To access My ClickTheCity, simply sign in to your account or create your ClickTheCity Account online for free. To get the most recent updates, just click your name on the top right of the page or bookmark on your web and mobile browsers.


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