Love Tag: Click Your Movie and Restaurant Picks and Share The Love with Our New Rating Update

Love it? Then tag it! You can now easily and instantly share what you love about your favorite films and restaurants listed on ClickTheCity web and mobile.

Click on your top picks and share the love with our new rating update on ClickTheCity!

We've recently snazzed up our existing star rating system on ClickTheCity's web and mobile sites so that you can easily and instantly share why you love movies and restaurants that you are rating online. Share how you love that movie you recently watched in the cinemas and tag that new favorite restaurant of yours with our Love Tag – no lengthy posts required.

The Love Tag works instantly: once you have rated a movie or a restaurant on our listing with 4 Stars or 5 Stars, you'll be prompted with a list of related Love Tags that you can tag the film and establishment with. Easily tag the reasons why you've rated the cafe you just visited 5 stars, if you Love The Dessert, or maybe everything you ordered there came in Big Servings. Movie buffs can now get to their rating and tagging with this new feature roll-out, tagging their favorite films listed on ClickTheCity the highlights of why the movie deserved 4 stars, whether you Love the Visual Effects or give it a thumbs-up for being a Nail-Biting Thriller.

Love Tags for Movies


Love Tags for Restaurants

By instantly sharing what you love with the Love Tag on ClickTheCity, other users can also see if you've tagged it for the same reasons, and restaurant owners can also easily keep tabs on what users are saying about their establishments.

Add Love Tag using your mobile device

Go and try it out yourself – tag away all the things you love about the movies you've watched and restaurants you've tried, and even discover hidden gems and secretly good films you haven't tried watching just by checking out what Love Tags other users tagged them with. Share and discover fast and easy with this new rating feature! So on your next food trip and movie night, stamp your seal of approval around the city with ClickTheCity.

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