INTERVIEW: Jericho Rosales and Arci Muñoz on their dream vacation, go-to KTV song and more!

I got to sit down with the True Wanderer, Jericho Rosales and Wrangler's first female ambassador, Arci Muñoz.

Now on its 4th year, Wrangler is yet again on the search for a True Wanderer, an individual who embodies the spirit of the brand. And just like their ambassadors, Jericho Rosales and Arci Muñoz, the next True Wanderer should have a bold soul, a heart for adventure and one who is open to different possibilities of discovering the world.

Wrangler Interview Jericho Rosales Arci Muñoz

I got to sit down with the True Wanderer, Jericho Rosales and Wrangler's first female ambassador, Arci Muñoz where we talked about some of their embarassing fashion mistakes, biggest fashion splurge and more. Read the interview below:

Question: Describe your style in 3 words?

Jericho Rosales: Simple, functional and chill.

Arci Muñoz: Edgy, rock and roll and simple sometimes. Minsan shirt and jeans lang pero meron pa rin edgy side na lumalabas. 


Who is your style icon?

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Arci Muñoz: My mom because I have this clear vision of her when I was a kid when she was getting ready for work just sitting on the bed watching her putting on her makeup and choosing the right attire for work. And up to now, I still have that vision in my head – look at her now, she's always carries herself well. Hindi siya lumalabas ng bahay na hindi nakaayos, she even sleeps with her rollers on her head para kulot na siya agad pag gising niya. So yeah, my mom and Zendaya – I love her!

Any embarassing fashion mistakes in the past?

Jericho Rosales: A lot. Going to the awards night wearing sequins on my barong. *laughs* This was ages ago. I received one of my first acting awards so I had no choice but to get up on stage and receive the award wearing that. And then I changed, yung baon sakin na suit, made me look like a hotel bellboy. I mean, nothing wrong with being a hotel bellboy but funny lang kasi awards night siya and then it had a lot of designs. I used to look costumey; being a movie fan and an actor, I get inspirations from movies so sometimes I really look costumey. For example, like a period film

Arci Muñoz: Madami siguro! Over make up, over eyeliner kasi feeling ko rock and roll ako dati pag ganun.

Wrangler Interview Jericho Rosales Arci Muñoz

Favorite item in your closet?

Jericho Rosales: Jacket

Arci Muñoz: My watch

Style staples when you're traveling?

Jericho Rosales: Jacket or a white shirt

Arci Muñoz: Good pair of shoes

What's your biggest fashion splurge?

Jericho Rosales: A very expensive jacket? *laughs* You know, I don't really spend a lot of money on clothes but I think a fashion accessory probably would be a bag, like my Gucci backpack. Maybe also a suit. It's not even that super expensive but you know, I splurge on good suits like Paul & Joe, Hugo Boss or like some French brand. I like Spanish brogues as well because they last a long time, they cost four times more expensive than normal shoes but I would say they are a really good investment.

Arci Muñoz: My watch!

What do you usually do when you're not working?

Jericho Rosales: When I'm not working, I play with the dogs and make butingting at home. It's either I rearrange stuff at home, fix something, dismantle something and put it back together, paint something or basically just get my hands dirty.

Arci Muñoz: I'm writing songs for my band and I spend some time with my babies, my pets.

If you could choose a different career, what would you be doing?

Jericho Rosales: Siguro a personal tour guide? 

Arci Muñoz: Wala! When I was a kid, I said I wanted to be a doctor but when I became an actor, I realized I can be anything I want. 

Wrangler Interview Jericho Rosales Arci Muñoz

Wrangler Interview Jericho Rosales Arci Muñoz

Dream vacation this summer?

Jericho Rosales: An African tour like Serengeti! It is my and Kim's dream vacation.

Arci Muñoz: Ako talaga pangarap ko pumunta ng Spain, hindi pa ako nakakapunta dun e. Gusto ko puntahan yung hometown ng dad ko, gusto ko makita kung saan lumaki yung lolo't lola ko.

Do you have a skincare routine?

Arci Muñoz: I make sure lang na kahit gaano ako kaantok, I remove my make up. Sa kotse pa lang, kunwari after taping, I remove my make up already. Ayun, when I get home, I wash my face, put toner and moisturizer!

What's on your current playlist?

Arci Muñoz: Incubus!

Go-to KTV song?

Jericho Rosales: Brian Adams songs

Arci Muñoz: Always by Bon Jovi

Wrangler Interview Jericho Rosales Arci Muñoz

Wrangler Interview Jericho Rosales Arci Muñoz

Go-to restaurants and bars in Manila?

Jericho Rosales: I don't really go to a lot of bars, I like to stay at home and chill with my friends. Restaurants, I would say of course Kuya J! *laughs* Bars siguro, I like 20:20 because they have bands so whenever I have the chance to go out, sana may banda since I'm done with club dance music. Or maybe like speakeasy bars like Blind Pig and oh, I love Oto!

Arci Muñoz: Sa Habit, sa bar ko! *laughs* Love your own. Kasi malapit sakin tapos libre!

Do you #Live2Wander just like Jericho Rosales and Arci Muñoz? Wrangler gives you a chance to go on an adventure of a lifetime and all you have to do is share your moments with them from February 21 to April 12. Like Wrangler on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and visit their website for more details.

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