INTERVIEW: Santa Clarita Diet’s Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant on why Season 2 is a must-watch!

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant share why they think it's a great show, a show crossover they think would be really interesting and more!

Picking up right exacty after the events of season 1, the second season of Santa Clarita Diet finds the Hammonds trying to adapt to Sheila's undead state while trying to live their suburban lifestyle. Stars of the show, Drew Barrymore who plays Shiela and Timothy Olyphant who plays Joel, sat down with us where we talked about how much they see themselves in their characters, what would be a great show crossover and so much more. Read the complete interview below:

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How do you begin preparing for your roles? Have you imagined working with too much red goo in your life?

Drew Barrymore: I love that I can't usually go home at the end of the night without having to take a shower because it stains the car. And shaving cream… my whole life's like cans of shaving cream because that's what removes it best. Sometimes I'd leave the trailer and feel really bad for the transpo guys because it's quite a mess. But I think it's fun! When do you get to work and eat people, be bloody, be tender in a marriage, care about your kid – I think there's so many aspects to what this show has you doing and I just enjoy all of them.

Timothy Olyphant: It's a fun gig. I love this job – I don't know, this job is just a piece of cake. Other than the fact that there's a lot of lines to memorize, it's a really smooth running set and I like Drew and adore Victor Fresco, our showrunner and I find that the second season is even more fun than the first. It's always fun to be a part of something that you feel like is just continually improving and surprising you. I think the storylines this year was inspired, refreshing and very funny.

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Drew Barrymore: I just love Victor and the writers and how far they go and reading storylines thinking like how are they going to write it into a place where there's still a sweetness and an endearing quality because they're pushing the boundaries so far and they always do. We say and do the craziest stuff like from Nazis to murder to who do we rid the world of debates and yet at the end of each episodes, is this loving nature of the family and ultimately there is still a goodness in all of this absolute taboo. I think that's a really interesting tone for a show and ours pulls it off – the characters aren't bad people, we're actually like "I guess we should kill bad people and that will justify it." It's like there's an unorthodox seemingly impossible theme to the show with the undeadness and yet it's just about suburban life and there's always a high stake in almost each episode – they're always about to get caught, they're always trying to cover their tracks, there's a lot of different things at play but it's fast paced and entertaining and I think we all sometimes have great days and bad days and I think this show works for either one of those. Because if you're having a bad day, it's going to take you out of it and entertain you and if you're having a good day well then, you just laugh along with the craziness of the show.

How much do you see yourselves in your characters?

Timothy Olyphant: More than I'd like to admit *laughs*

Drew Barrymore: My best friend Cameron, I don't want to be like a name dropper so we'll just call her Cameron. She is like, this is the most you I've ever seen that you've ever done. So is eating of people, I'm guessing and she's like, no really it's you. I can't see myself, I have no objectivity when someone says my kids look like me, I'm like "They do? That's great but I don't see it." I have no perspective on myself but according to her, it's the most me I've ever been.

Timothy Olyphant: I'd like to think I'm way cooler but I'm really not.

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Do you have a nervous smile in real life?

Drew Barrymore: Oh! The poster's the greatest thing I've ever seen!

Timothy Olyphant: Oh gosh, that was so good.

Drew Barrymore: I just want to cut you out of it and frame it! 

Timothy Olyphant: That was the best! I hope they sell t-shirts with that.

Drew Barrymore: He's like keeping it all together and I'm living my best life.

Timothy Olyphant: I really like to see that take off on a t-shirt.

Drew Barrymore: Yeah, me too. With the word "fine." *laughs*

Any series you'd like to be a part of or a crossover of a different show with Santa Clarita Diet?

Drew Barrymore: Happy Days like Laverne and Shirley would join in.

Timothy Olyphant: Well, I like that. Let's go, let's hear it. I'm really bad at this.

Drew Barrymore: I just love The Crown, I'm going back to The Crown. I don't really know how that fits or works but I really love it.

Timothy Olyphant: Uhhhh, hold on. I watch Godless and I really like that. If they do another one of those.

Drew Barrymore: Which one is Godless?

Timothy Olyphant: It's a 6-episode Western show on Netflix. The show is strong; if they did another one and send me a call sheet, I'd show up. Maybe, instead of thinking that, maybe Joel and Shiela somehow can be a part of the second season of Godless.

Drew Barrymore: Okay, I haven't seen it so I don't have any say on it.

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Timothy Olyphant: It's Western, we're there and you're like eating the bad cowboys. 

Drew Barrymore: Oh, okay! *laughs*

Timothy Olyphant: Joel and Shiela in a Western Fantasy is a strong season 3 idea.

Drew Barrymore: Did you see The Crown?

Timothy Olyphant: Why does it have to be The Crown? 

Drew Barrymore: Well, it's such a good show. I can't picture myself in a show I haven't seen like Godless and if you haven't seen The Crown then you probably can't picture yourself as well.

Timothy Olyphant: Let's find something we've both seen then. How about BoJack Horseman? Joel and Shiela in BoJack Horseman.

Drew Barrymore: No! What about Queer Eye? That's actually a good mix because we're talking about living our best lives! 

Timothy Olyphant: Real estate and all that! So if Queer Eye is filming on our block in Santa Clarita? 

Drew Barrymore: YES! I feel like that's a good match.

Timothy Olyphant: Shiela's so excited she wants to be on the show but I feel like it'll be a bad idea to invite the show into our lives. It's a great storyline!

Drew Barrymore: Yeah, Queer Eye! 

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Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet premieres on March 23 while season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Like Netflix on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and Twitter for exclusive updates on what's to come. 

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