• J Jereene Maycacayan Reviewed the movie Ulan   Sun, 17 Mar 2019 1:14 AM

    Ulan (2019)

    Drama, Romance
    Nadine Lustre, Carlo Aquino
    Irene Emma Villamor

    Ulan hits close to home not only because it reminds me of my own grandmother and her superstitions, but because it is in its own way, a reflection of the very journey we must all undertake on the path of self realization. It is magical and almost surreal. The movie is akin to poetry in motion. It is very interesting to see a film like this one: very different and non linear. It doesn’t follow a strict formula and the passion that went on to creating this craft makes this work of art even more special. Truly a gem.

    Love the Story
    Amazing Visual Effects
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