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Today, July 24
03:35 pm The Allure Of Tears
05:40 pm My Alien Girlfriend
Tonight, July 24
07:20 pm The Brave Archer 3
09:00 pm Perfect Match
10:45 pm The Deadly Breaking Sword
Tomorrow, July 25
12:30 am Kung Fu Chefs
02:05 am The New Shaolin Boxers
03:45 am Weeds on Fire
05:25 am Holy Flame of the Martial World
06:55 am My School Mate, The Barbarian
08:30 am Havoc in Dragon Palace
09:55 am The Deadly Duo
11:20 am Death Duel
12:55 pm Human Lanterns
02:30 pm Young Vagabond
04:00 pm Shaolin Martial Arts