13 Fun & Freaky Facts About TRESE on Netflix

Alexandra Trese and the Kambal are finally arriving on Netflix this June 11!

8. Here are the shows & films where you’ve seen or heard TRESE’s star-studded voice cast.

While Pinoy viewers would love to watch the show in Filipino, with Liza Soberano voicing Alexandra, it’s also worth rewatching with the star-studded voice cast of the English version, headlined by stars of Filipino heritage.

Voicing Alexandra is Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars and You; Griffin Puatu who voices Louis in Beastars will now voice the Kambal; Matt Yang King of Riverdale is Captain Guerrero; Ratched’s Jon Jon Briones is Hank; Manny Jacinto of The Good Place is Maliksi; Eric Bauza of Nickelodeon’s El Tigre voices Nuno; Darren Criss of Glee is Marco; singer Nicole Scherzinger voices Miranda Trese; and Dante Basco who is best known for voicing Zuko in the Avatar series is Bagyon Kulimlim.

Bagyon Kulimlim, voiced by Dante Basco in the English version.
(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

9. Liza Soberano might have encountered a kapre.

It looks like Liza Soberano has already encountered a kapre. In another roundtable interview, this time with Soberano, she recalled getting sick often in Pangasinan and waking up with a big scratch on her thigh. When her dad consulted the albularyo, the folk healer said, “There’s a kapre. There’s a kapre looking through her window in her room, may crush sa kanya ‘yung kapre.”

10. Budjette Tan was raised in a haunted house.

In his interview with Rappler back in 2019, Budjette revealed that he grew up in a haunted house. While he was too young to experience the hauntings first-hand, his family has shared with him the creepy occurrences that happened in the house, including an instance when he was only six months old, and his mother saw half of his face wrinkle out like an old man!

“She freaks out, and what else would a loving mother do when your baby’s face suddenly changes? She slaps me! Slaps that side of the face that’s wrinkled out! (laughs). And supposedly I didn’t cry, and I just stared at her,” Budjette told Rappler.


Photo courtesy of Netflix

11. Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo are making a cameo!

Watch closely once TRESE arrives on Netflix, because besides the familiar landmarks featured in the show, Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo will also make an appearance. But it might be in the most unexpected of places so keep your eyes peeled!

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12. TRESE billboards and posters were ‘vandalized’.

Last weekend, pictures of vandalized TRESE billboards and posters circulated online, the words ‘Siyudad namin ‘to!’ spray-painted over Trese’s face. Netflix soon released a video featuring a creepy montage of clips where aswangs were caught on camera vandalizing the promotional materials.

“Looks like we found the culprits… but don’t be afraid. Trese’s coming to let them know they can’t mess with our city,” the caption read. In response, netizens praised and lauded the publicity stunt online.

The credit goes to Gigil Philippines, the same agency behind RC Cola’s viral ad from last year where a mother revealed to her son that she’s hiding an RC Cola bottle under her head.

13. There’s a special late-night countdown and concert before TRESE launches on June 11.

Finally, to mark TRESE’s release on June 11, Netflix will be holding a special countdown event called Trese Before Midnight. It will begin on June 10, 11:47 PM and will feature special guest appearances from Liza Soberano, Jay Oliva, Tanya Yuson, and creators Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo.

Photo from Netflix

Also part of the event is the Not ALive Concert where Filipino band UDD will be performing the show’s official theme song Paagi. And you can be part of this celebration! During the concert, you can appear as one of the ghost audiences by uploading your video with their filter on tresenotaliveconcert.com.

Are you ready to see TRESE?

Get your snacks ready (Choc-nut bars will be a good idea!) and join the virtual launch of this much-awaited anime series that we can all be proud of! For more information, visit TRESE‘s official Netflix page. You can also follow Netflix Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

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Photo used for homestream image courtesy of Netflix.


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