Money Heist Part 5

Netflix Just Released the First-Look Images of ‘Money Heist’ Part 5!

The first volume of 'Money Heist Part 5' arrives on Netflix this September 3!

Just a week after announcing the launch date of the two-part of Money Heist‘s final season, Netflix has dropped the first-look images to the upcoming season!

The new images give us a hint of the chaos inside and outside the Bank of Spain, with the Professor getting caught off guard after Sierra discovers his hideout. Fueled by anguish and the desperation of not having a plan, The Gang must now bring out its toughest side to survive.

Check out the new images below:

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Money Heist Part 5 will be coming in two volumes this September 3 and December 3. The fifth and final part will continue to follow The Gang, who’s been shut in the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours, and has been able to rescue Lisbon. The Professor has also been captured by Sierra, and doesn’t have an escape plan for the first time.

Just as they seem like nothing else could go wrong, a more powerful enemy comes on the scenes — the army. What began as a robbery then turns into a war as the end of the greatest heist in history approaches.


Photo courtesy of Netflix
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The two-volume Money Heist Part 5 comes from creator Alex Pena and premieres on Netflix this September 3 and December 3. Stream the previous seasons of the Spanish series on Netflix.

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TV Show Info

Money Heist
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Produced by
Álex Pina


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