Netflix Confirms Money Heist Part 5 in an Explosive Date Announcement

Money Heist Part 5 will be released in two parts this year.

Have you been waiting for the final season of Money Heist?

ICYMI, Netflix has released a teaser to Money Heist part five. The last season will be divided into two volumes with five episodes each. Volume 1 will be released on September 3 while Volume 2 will be released on December 3, 2021.


The teaser shows a tragic ending to the most famous heist on TV. The gang has been in the bank for over 100 hours, Lisbon has been rescued but The Professor has been captured by Sierra. And just as they think it can’t get worse, the gang is confronted by the army.

Q&A: The Cast of Money Heist on Surviving a Bank Heist

“When we began to write Part 5 in the midst of the pandemic, we felt that we had to change what was expected from the ten-episode season and used every tool we could to create the sensation of a season finale or series finale in the first volume itself,” shares show creator Álex Pina. “We decided to work in an extremely aggressive genre, putting The Gang on the ropes. In volume 2, we focus more on the emotional situation of the characters. It is a journey across their sentimental map that connects us directly to their departure,”



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