Komi Can't Communicate

WATCH: The Trailer to the Upcoming Anime Series ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’

Manga fans, there’s a new anime series to watch out for! Slice-of-life manga series Komi Can’t Communicate will debut as an anime series in Japan this October 2021. Just ahead of that, fans of the manga are treated to a teaser PV that gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the adaptation!

Watch it below:

Komi Can’t Communicate follows Komi Shouko, a high schooler who has trouble socializing with her classmates. Because of this, her classmates think that she’s a stuck-up. Komi’s average but kind classmate, Hitoshi Tadano, however, sees the real Komi and decides to help her out of her shell and make friends with 100 people.

The series comes from director Ayumu Watanabe and the studio OLM, the same one behind Pokémon. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War’s Koga Aoi will be lending her voice to Komi, while Kajiware Gakuto will be voicing for Hitoshi.

Komi Can’t Communicate premieres in Japan this October 2021.


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TV Show Info

Komi Can’t Communicate
Animation, Comedy, Romance
Produced by
TV Tokyo

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