‘The Fairly OddParents’ is Next to Get a Live-Action Reboot

Another iconic cartoon show is getting a live-action adaptation!

After the Winx Club and The Powerpuff Girls, another iconic cartoon show from our childhood, The Fairly OddParents, is next to get a live-action reboot, DiscussingFilm reports.

According to the report, the cartoon show’s creator Butch Harman will executive produce the reboot alongside TV entrepreneur Fred Siebert. Meanwhile, acting as showrunner is Christopher J. Nowak, who has worked on live-action Nickelodeon shows such as Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, and Danger Force. Filming is set to start at the end of June and the show will drop on the streaming platform, Paramount Plus.

While the official synopsis has not yet been revealed, fans can expect the same general plot of the original animated show in this upcoming reboot. But new characters are also set to appear in Dimmsdale.

The original Fairly OddParents followed the young boy Timmy Turner who is often neglected by his parents and bullied by his babysitter Vicky. One day, Timmy is granted two fairy godparents– Cosmo and Wanda– who can grant his every wish so his life would be less miserable.

Back in 2011, the show was also adapted into a live-action film titled A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, which got two sequels in the following years.


Back in February, it has been confirmed that The Powerpuff Girls is also getting a live-action series at CW, just a few weeks after Fate: The Winx Saga dropped on Netflix.

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