iQIYI shows: Love is Sweet and Jujutsu Kaisen

10 Dramas and Anime Series You Can Stream on iQIYI Right Now For Free

Now's the time to sign up for an iQIYI account!

Aside from Netflix and Viu, there’s a lot of other streaming platforms available here in the Philippines to fuel your love for Asian content. Each platform has its own features and subscription plans, as well as a wide variety of content — from K-dramas and C-dramas to BL shows and anime series.

One of the platforms that’s worth checking out for dramas and anime right now is iQIYI. Here, you can stream their content for free or you may opt to pay P99 for a standard monthly subscription if you’re one who doesn’t like ads while watching an episode or you just want to watch them while offline.

If you’re still thinking about checking out iQIYI for your next binge-watch session, we’re giving you 10 dramas and anime up for streaming right now that would convince you to finally get that membership:

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Homestream images are screenshots from the trailers of Jujutsu Kaisen and Love is Sweet

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Live On
Drama, Romance
Produced by
Kim Sang-woo, Bang Yoo-jung

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