WATCH: ‘Pixar Popcorn’ Trailer Teases New Shorts Featuring Pixar Characters

Ten bite-size stories from Pixar are dropping this month!

As the US celebrates National Popcorn Day today, Pixar has unveiled the trailer for their upcoming lineup of mini shorts in Pixar Popcorn.

The 10 shorts will feature characters from some of the most beloved films by Pixar such as Toy Story, Coco, Finding Nemo, Cars, and even the recently released Soul. Watch it below:

As the trailer teased, we would be seeing the titles: Dancing with the Cars, Unparalleled Parking, Soul of the City, Cookie Num Num, Chore Day: The Incredibles Way, Dory Finding, A Day in the Life of the Dead, To Fitness and Beyond, and Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny.

Just last holiday season, Pixar had added Soul to their lineup of films. The film’s director Pete Docter, who also helmed Inside Out, explored the nature of existence through a jazz musician whose life met an abrupt end, and embarks on a journey as a soul to reclaim his life on Earth.

Movie Review: The Existential Joy of Disney and Pixar’s ‘Soul’

As fans await Pixar’s next full-length film Luca, the animation studio will first unveil Pixar Popcorn this January 22 on Disney+.

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