WATCH: ‘Snowpiercer’ Season 2 Gets New Trailer

Another power struggle emerges inside the Snowpiercer in this new trailer!

The full trailer for the second season of Snowpiercer is here! And as the snow settled after the war, we get to see how the survivors are faring. Watch the trailer below:

Based on the 2013 film from Oscar-winner Bong Joon Ho, Snowpiercer follows the remaining human survivors who are aboard the train Snowpiercer that perpetually circles the Earth, which has now become a frozen wasteland. Due to social injustices, the passengers living at the tail of the train started a revolution.

In season 2, the survivors of the revolution are trying to maintain the peace among the merged classes, with Layton acting as their new leader. But since Mr. Wilford still lives, and is on his way to a new train to invade Snowpiercer, another war is expected to ensue.

The show stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, and Seasn Bean. The second season of Snowpiercer drops on Netflix this January 26. Watch its first season on Netflix.

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TV Show Info

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Produced by
Josh Friedman, Graeme Manson


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