Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun To Star in the Korean Remake of ‘Criminal Justice’

'That Night' is scheduled to air on South Korean TV this year!

Kim Soo Hyun will be starring in That Night — the Korean remake of the BBC drama series Criminal Justice. The new drama is set to air on South Korean television in the latter half of 2021.

The project comes after the huge success of his most recent drama, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, where he starred alongside Seo Ye Ji and Oh Jung Se.

According to Newsen, Kim Soo Hyun will show fans a new side of him in this upcoming drama. Here, he will play the role of Kim Hyun Soo — who becomes a suspect in a murder case because of an overnight mistake.

That Night is a remake of the BBC drama Criminal Minds, which first aired in British television in 2006. It centers on Ben Coulter, a young man who’s accused of committing murder after a drunken and drug-filed night out. The K-drama will focus on the murder of a women and the Korean criminal justice system, told through the perspective of two men.

Director Lee Myung Woo, known for dramas The Fiery Priest and Punch will be directing the drama. Kwon Sung Yoo (The Royal Gambler), on the other hand, will be penning the script for it.


That Night is scheduled to be broadcasted on the second half of the year.

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While waiting for his new drama, you can watch and relive your favorite It’s Okay to Not Be Okay moments, which is streaming on Netflix.

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