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K-Drama Files: Why You’ll Love ‘Hospital Playlist’ if You’re Looking for a Refreshing Medical Drama

For this week’s K-drama files, we put the spotlight on ‘Hospital Playlist,’ and why you should watch it!

With all the good K-dramas being released almost week after week, it’s definitely hard to keep up with the new ones, as well as the already-completed ones that have been sitting in your binge lists for the longest time. However, just like every binge-watcher out there, you’re probably still on the lookout for more dramas to add to your never-ending lists. If that’s the case, then we’ve got your back!

For this week’s K-drama files, we put the spotlight on Hospital Playlist, and why you should watch it!

The Story

From the director of Prison Playbook and the Reply series comes Hospital Playlist. The 12-episode drama centers on 5 long-time friends who all met in the same medical school 20 years ago and are now colleagues in the same hospital. It shows these doctors go through their professional and personal lives while dealing with love, family, and their newly-reunited college band.

The Cast

Jo Jung Suk stars in the drama as Lee Ik Jun, the friendly doctor from the general surgery department who’s also a single father. The actor also starred in numerous dramas like Two Cops, Oh My Ghost, and Legends of the Blue Sea.

Ahn Jung Won is an assistant professor of pediatric surgery, and is also the son of the former president of the hospital he’s working at. Playing him is Yoo Yeon Seok who you may have seen in dramas Mr. Sunshine, Reply 1994, and Dr. Romantic.

Photo: Netflix

Jeon Mi Do stars as Chae Song Hwa, the smart associate professor from neurosurgery. The drama marks her lead role debut in K-dramas, but she is already famous in South Korea for starring in numerous theater productions. She also played a minor role in the 2018 drama Mother.

Jung Kyung Ho portrays Kim Jun Wan, the associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery who’s known for being a bit snobby. Kyung Ho’s other projects include Prison Playbook and Life on Mars.

Lastly, there’s Kim Dae Myung, who you may have seen in dramas Misaeng: Incomplete Life and The Sound of Your Heart. He plays the introverted assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, Yang Seok Hyung.

Watch it if you…

… are looking for something that’s (a bit) light but is actually full of heart. Unlike other hospital dramas (that I’ve seen, at least), Hospital Playlist focuses less on the workplace drama and politics, but more on the lives of doctors and patients. Every doctor has their own storyline, showing just how these doctors have a life of their own outside the hospital, and that they’re also just normal people who want to eat out with friends, spend time with their families, and play music in their free time.

Another thing about this drama that makes it worth watching is its OST. Aside from the fun basement performances of Mido and the Falasol, the songs they play actually speak a lot about the theme for the episode and the characters involved in it. As a viewer, it’s also nice to see how characters and relationships develop just by listening to which song stood out the most in a particular episode.

Photo: Netflix

Just like with every Shin Won Ho drama, Hospital Playlist also has this ongoing question of who likes who and who ends up with who. While it’s definitely not the main focus of the story, it’s quite fun to think about who will actually be “endgame” just by picking up what little hints and crumbs we can get from what the director’s dropping on the viewers.

There’s a lot of things that would make you want to keep watching Hospital Playlist. After binge-watching all 12 episodes, you’d find yourselves so attached to this barkada that you’d end up praying for season 2 to come sooner. And hopefully, it will!

Hospital Playlist is now streaming on Netflix.

Homestream image is courtesy of Netflix.

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