Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ Cast & Director Talk About Their New Period Drama Series

Julia Quinn's novels are coming to life on Netflix through the new show, 'Bridgerton'!

Anthony loves his family, but he struggles with his duty as the eldest. What do you think motivates the man?

Jonathan: To be honest, I don’t think he knows. I think he’s really lost. It’s sort of like Russian dolls, you have a big exterior, and a tiny one inside. He doesn’t quite have the ones in between. And he’s a very young boy and I think what I found really interesting is this idea that they lost their father and I think for him at that age, what it means to be the heir and to lose your father but also at 19, I think they’re probably very close and so I think he’s really suffering. And he really does mean well but I just don’t think he has any understanding of how to treat people.

He loves people but it’s kind of toxic and I think it’s that horrible thing where he’s holding onto some and he just seems to slip. But you know, he’s got a long way to go. And so it’s brilliant to start him there, but I think at the moment he’s gonna have to stand back and [really take] a moment for himself to work out what makes him tick, and hopefully [we] will get a chance to see that.

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton with Regé-Jean Page (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Were you able to relate to your character in this show?

Nicola: Yes, it was actually in a lot of ways. I’ve been very lucky that my best friend I have now has been my best friend since I was seven. So, to have that close comfort on all your life is a really special thing; and in the [family] relationship, I’m lucky that I’m very close to my sister while Penelope is not, But she has that sisterly love for Eloise.

And I think we’ve all had that experience of seeing the person that we like [liking] somebody else and the pain it gives you. Unrequited first love is such an intense feeling so I can totally remember that but at the same time, Penelope has enough differences from me that certain things she does, I think I would never do that. So as an actor it’s interesting to play both sides of that.

Claudia Jessie (Left) as Eloise Bridgerton and Nicola Coughlan (Right) as Penelope Featherington (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Regé: Yes, I think I related to Simon. Simon is a very stubborn man, and so I like to think that I shared that determination with him. But also I like to think that I have a slightly more developed sense of humor than Simon, the man doesn’t smile very often. There’s a very heavy burden to bear for an extended period of time. But I admire his strength, and I hope that I’m able to change and grow more easily than Simon is.


What was the most fun and yet the most challenging part in bringing the stories onscreen?

Chris: To be honest, there was nothing easy about the show or creating the show but I think in a lot of ways that’s what made it so rewarding; and watching the end result, I couldn’t be prouder. It completely surpassed any expectations I had.

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Going into the project, as much as I love a period piece, I feel like they’re often considered a little traditional and a little conservative and I wanted to infuse everything you see in the series, with a contemporary sensibility. So, what I really set out to do was make the kind of period piece I wanted to see and what I hadn’t necessarily seen before.

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