Emily in Paris Season 2

Oui, Emily in Paris will return for Season 2 on Netflix!

You'll be seeing more of Emily in Paris!

If you can’t get enough of croissants and are curious about what happens with Gabriel, you’re just in luck. Emily will be staying in Paris for a while!

Netflix confirmed the return of Emily in Paris with a quirky video announcement and memo (see below) written by Emily’s boss at Savoir, Sylvie.

The first season which was released just in October follows Emily, an American who movies to Paris to work for a luxury marketing company. As she navigates her way through her new job and making friends, Emily becomes an Instagram influencer. Oh, and she also finds love (or two) in Paris!

6 Things You Should Know About ‘Emily in Paris’, Netflix’s Newest Rom-Com Series

What’s next for Emily? We have yet to find out!


Stream Season 1 here.

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TV Show Info

Emily in Paris
Comedy, Drama
Produced by
Darren Star


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