WATCH: The Official Trailer of Netflix’s ‘Finding Agnes’

Check out the full trailer of Netflix's 'Finding Agnes' starring Jelson Bay and Sue Ramirez!

The upcoming Netflix film, Finding Agnes just dropped its first full trailer!

The film is headlined by Sue Ramirez and rising comedian star Jelson Bay, who also starred in Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap. Judging from the trailer though, it seems that this film will not be an entirely comical flick. Check it out below:

The trailer opens with the young Brix being left behind by his mother. Years later, the small boy has become a successful entrepreneur who goes to Morocco to find out what happened to his mother. There, he meets Cathy, his mother’s adopted daughter.

The film will explore “the themes of connecting with people, understanding other’s motivations and in the process finding yourself.” The caption of the trailer stated.

Finding Agnes is directed by Marla Ancheta, and will premiere on the streaming platform this November 30. For more information, check out the film’s official page on Netflix.

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The stars and director 'Finding Agnes' shared with us their experiences in making this new film on Netflix!

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