The Prom

WATCH: The Teaser for the Film Adaptation of ‘The Prom’

The Prom is the newest Broadway musical Netflix is adapting to film! Before it premieres this December 15, the streaming site unveils the official teaser, featuring its leads, Meryl Streep, James Corden, Andrew Rannells, and Nicole Kidman.

Watch it here:

The musical film follows Dee Dee Allen, Barry Glickman, Angie, and Trent — four stage actors looking for a boost in their careers. They find hope to resurrect their public images in the high schooler Emma Nolan, who’s been banned from attending the prom with her girlfriend Alyssa. The four actors then rally behind Emma to help her experience a night where she can celebrate who she is.

The movie comes from director Ryan Murphy, with a screenplay from Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin. It stars Meryl Streep, James Corden, Andrew Rannells, Nicole Kidman, Tracey Ullman, Kevin Chamberline, and more.

The original musical made its Broadway premiere at the Longacre Theater in October 2018. It received several Tony nominations including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Score, and more.


The Prom launches globally on Netflix this December 15. Follow its official Netflix page, as well as Netflix’s official FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages for updates.

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Homestream image is courtesy of Netflix.

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The Prom
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