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Movies on TV This Week

TV Guide: Movies Showing From October 12 to 18, 2020

Here's your guide to all the must-watch movies on TV this week!

Isn’t it a bummer when you see your favorite movie already playing halfway through when you turn on the TV? Fret not! From rom-com and action to horror and thriller, we’re giving you a heads up on all the must-watch movies on TV from October 12 to 18, 2020

October 12, Monday

It Takes a Man and a Woman
(11am, PBO)
The relationship between Miggy and Laida didn’t last, and neither did Miggy’s business success. When Laida returns to help with a presentation to MET, old feelings come to the surface.

Deep Impact
(11:45am, Cinemax)
According to predictions, a deadly comet is about to strike Earth and destroy humanity. US President Beck devises a strategy to build a network of caves for accommodating one million Americans.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
(4:30pm, HBO)
Greg Heffley is looking forward to playing video games and spending time with his friends. However, Greg’s dad has other plans: He’s decided that some father-son bonding time is in order. Desperate to prevent his dad from ruining summer vacation, Greg pretends he has a job at a ritzy country club.

The Green Hornet
(6:55pm, FOX Movies)
After his father’s death, Britt inherits the largest media company in Los Angeles. He teams up with Kato to fight crime but ends up becoming the target of an underworld gangster, Benjamin Chudnofsky.


One More Chance
(7pm, Cinema One)
A long-time couple seem destined for marriage, but frictions and differing ambitions break them apart. As they try to move on with their lives they are continually reminded of what they once had, and temptation to go back is never far away.

A Second Chance
(9pm, Cinema One)
After their storybook wedding, Popoy and Basha find married life, and starting a business, more challenging than they ever imagined.

October 13, Tuesday

Remember Me
(2:55pm, HBO)
Tyler, a young man, meets Ally under strange circumstances. She eases his trauma, but soon Tyler happens to learn her secret which creates a divide between them.

Maybe This Time
(3pm, Cinema One)
Steph learns to be tough and sets her sights on bigger dreams after Tonio ends their relationship without saying goodbye.

The Vow
(5:35pm, FOX Movies)
Paige meets with a terrible accident which leaves her in a coma. When she wakes up, she doesn’t recognise her husband Leo, who then tries to win her back by courting her again.

Pitch Perfect
(8:05pm, HBO)
Beca, a college fresher, reluctantly joins an all-girls a cappella group and later infuses freshness into their repertoire. They then take on a male a cappella group in a competition.

October 14, Wednesday

Spider-Man 3
(2:45pm, HBO)
Peter Parker becomes one with a symbiotic alien that bolsters his Spider-Man avatar and affects his psyche. He also has to deal with Sandman and maintain a fragmented relationship with Mary Jane.

The Gifted
(5:15pm, PBO)
Frank, a single man raising his genius niece, Mary, gets into a legal battle with his mother, Evelyn, over her custody. However, Evelyn will do anything to make Mary complete her mother’s project.

Four Sisters and a Wedding
(7pm, Cinema One)
Three sisters reunite to dissuade their younger brother from marrying his fiancee. As they interact, they face the feelings and issues they have kept buried for a long time.

Thor: The Dark World
(7pm, FOX Movies)
Thor sets out on a journey to defeat Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves when he returns to Asgard to retrieve a dangerous weapon and fulfill his desire of destroying the Nine Realms.

(10pm, Cinemax)
Benjamin and Jane, a newlywed couple, experience horrifying events when they discover that the girl they ran over in an accident is now haunting them.

October 15, Thursday

(11:50am, Cinemax)
Magneto kidnaps Marie, a young mutant, with the intention of using her powers to destroy humanity. However, the X-Men and Wolverine team up to save her and stop Magneto.

My Bakit List
(3:15pm, PBO)
Bombarded with so much why’s in her life, Dess embarks on a soul searching journey. Unknown to her, she is about to face the biggest why of her life when she accidentally bumps into Ejay, her ex-boyfriend who left her without any explanation.

The Adventures of Tintin
(3:45pm, HBO)
Tintin, a young reporter, buys the model of a ship and is intrigued when his dog shows him a scroll after the toy breaks. He tells Captain Haddock and they embark on an adventure to find a shipwreck.

(5:35pm, HBO)
Cher is a rich high-school student who is learning to cope with adolescence and its problems. She also helps a new student gain popularity and in the process discovers her own feelings.

(5:45pm, FOX Movies)
Merida, an independent archer, disobeys an ancient custom which unleashes a dark force. After meeting an elderly witch, as she journeys to reverse the curse, she discovers the real meaning of bravery.

She’s The One
(7pm, Cinema One)
After breaking up with his fiancee, cab-driver Mickey impulsively marries another woman after a weekend courtship. Meanwhile, his rich, married brother starts an affair with Mickey’s ex.

October 16, Friday

Knight and Day
(1:35pm, Cinemax)
June Havens meets Roy Miller, a lethal operative, in an unlikely encounter and gets entangled in his adventures. She falls in love with him and has to figure out if he is a traitor or a good guy.

Life of Pi
(4:10pm, HBO)
Pi Patel finds a way to survive in a lifeboat that is adrift in the middle of nowhere. His fight against the odds is heightened by the company of a hyena and a male Bengal tiger.

The Mall The Merrier
(5:15pm, PBO)
Two siblings fight for ownership of their parents’ mall.

How To Be Yours
(7pm, Cinema One)
A story about two people who meet and fall in love: Niño, a sales agent who’s bent on attaining stability and Anj, a self-taught cook who dreams of working in a high-end restaurant someday.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged
(9pm, FOX Movies)
Four teenage divers discover that the sunken ruins of a Mayan city are also a hunting ground for deadly great white sharks. With their air supply steadily dwindling, the frightened girls must navigate the underwater labyrinth of claustrophobic caves and eerie tunnels in search of a way out of their watery hell.

October 17, Saturday

Mr. & Mrs. Cruz
(5pm, PBO)
Raffy and Gela find themselves taking off for Palawan to escape the not so great realities of their current lives and catch up on their respective me-time.

Finally Found Someone
(7pm, Cinema One)
When a woman is left at the alter, the video goes viral online and a PR rep is hired to help her. In the end, they realise that they have fallen for each other.

(7pm, FOX Movies)
Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon and his team discover a drug racket involving businesswoman Victoria Leeds and decide to unearth the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Taken 2
(8:25pm, Cinemax)
Bryan Mills, a former CIA agent, and his ex-wife, Lenore, are taken hostage by a ruthless gang in Albania. However, his daughter Kim helps Bryan break free and rescue Lenore.

October 18, Sunday

Vince & Kath & James
(5pm, Cinema One)
Love can be complicated, especially when Vince agrees to secretly woo Kath via text on behalf of James, while falling for her, too.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse
(5:05pm, HBO)
After gaining superpowers from a spider bite, Miles Morales protects the city as Spider-Man. Soon, he meets alternate versions of himself and gets embroiled in an epic battle to save the multiverse.

Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story
(7:30pm, PBO)
A successful stockbroker who suffers from insomnia hires a woman to keep him company during his long, sleepless nights.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
(7:45pm, Cinemax)
After a successful mission, Quill and his team of galactic defenders meet Ego, a man claiming to be Quill’s father. However, they soon learn some disturbing truths about Ego.

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