Netflix's Over The Moon

Disney Legend Talks About Directing Netflix’s Animated Musical ‘Over the Moon’

Director Glen Keane is known for working on films like 'The Little Mermaid', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Tangled', and more!

Communicating emotions through animation.

This film, like other animated movies Keane has worked on, also has a remarkable emotional impact. How he did it with Over The Moon and his short films, the Disney Legend credits the advice from his mentors at Walt Disney.

“Ollie Johnston would say, ‘Glenn, don’t animate what the character is doing. Animate what the character is thinking [and] what they’re feeling. The emotions inside, animate from the inside out.'”

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Thus, Keane would always want to animate characters that go through the biggest challenges and risk everything. He loves characters that believe the impossible is possible. And Fei Fei is one of them, trying to build a rocket to the moon at the age of twelve, with that strong faith on her mother’s story about the Moon Goddess. “These are elements that are in all the characters that I’ve animated, they have that spark,” said Glen.

But how exactly does Glen “animate” the feeling from the inside?

The director says, “It’s always in the eyes to me. The eyes are the window to the soul and if you’re going to make a mistake in animation, don’t let it be in the eyes. So we would work so hard to communicate that.”


As the Disney Legend put it simply, “Animation is not about moving drawings or moving images. Animation is about images that move you.”

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Over The Moon is coming to Netflix this October 23.

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