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Beauty Gonzalez, RK Bagatsing, and Jane Oineza on New TV5 Show ‘I Got You’

I Got You cast Beauty Gonzalez, RK Bagatsing, and Jane Oineza talk about their newest romantic drama series on TV5.

Just when we thought we have enough drama in our lives, we’re blessed with even more (in the form of entertainment, of course)!

Directed by Dan Villegas, I Got You is a romantic drama series following the stories of Del (Beauty Gonzalez), a newbie therapist in Zamboanga who meets Louie (RK Bagatsing), a soldier with PTSD. It was a whirlwind romance until Del finds out about Louie’s web of lies. Fast forward into the future, Del sets up a therapy clinic and meets Risa (Jane Oineza) who is coincidentally Louie’s fiance.

We had the chance to (virtually) sit down with Beauty Gonzalez, RK Bagatsing, and Jane Oineza to talk about their new show. They gave us a sneak peek at what the show is about, how different it is from their previous projects, and how excited they are to work with Director Dan Villegas.

Watch the interview below:

Catch ‘I Got You’ when it premieres on October 18 only on TV5.

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