10 Entertaining Reality Competition Shows to Stream This Quarantine

From dating to baking shows, here are 10 shows you can stream that will surely get you addicted in no time.

Ask anyone what their favorite content to stream is, and you're probably going to get competition reality shows one way or another. Besides, it's really just fun to watch people getting their competitive shoes on and doing their best in a thing that they're passionate about. 

From sports to baking shows, here are 10 shows you can stream that will surely get you addicted in no time: 

The Circle

Hosted by Michelle Buteau, The Circle features contestants who move into their solo apartments where they don't meet face-to-face. They then communicate exclusively through a specially-designed social media app where they can choose to present a completely different identity to win them over. The other contestants are then asked to rate their fellow contestants and the winner gets to take home a $100,000 grand prize. 

Stream it on Netflix.


Ultimate Beastmaster

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Ultimate Beastmaster is an international competition series featuring 12 contestants from different countries who take on the obstacle course called "The Beast". For the season finale, the Beastmasters – winners from the previous 9 episodes – then compete against each other for the final course called the Ultimate Beastmaster. 

Stream it on Netflix.

Nailed It! 

Nailed It! is a bake-off competition where three amateur home bakers attempt to replicate and re-create edible masterpieces. Whoever comes closest to a successful dessert gets to take home a $10,000 prize. The show currently has 3 regular seasons and 2 holiday seasons.  

Stream it on Netflix.

The Final Table 

In this global culinary competition, some of the world's most talented chefs get to vie for the spot at the elite. The show features 12 teams with two chefs each, and every episode highlights a specific cuisine. Celebrity ambassadors, food critics, and the country's greatest chef then judge the teams, eliminating duos until the 10th and final episode is left with 2 chefs who play on their own. The winner of the show gets to have a spot at the Final Table. 

Stream it on Netflix.

Skin Wars

Skin Wars is a body painting competition where contestants compete in body painting challenges in every episode. The winner of the show gets to take home a $100,000 cash prize. The show is hosted by Rebecca Romjin. 

Stream it on Netflix.

RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race is a reality competition series with RuPaul playing the role of a host, coach, and judge. Here, 9 queens fight for the title of American's next "Drag Queen Superstar" through different competitions including a runway walk, and a lipsync battle. The winning queen takes home with the title and the $100,000 prize.

Stream it on Netflix

Awake: The Million Dollar Game

Screenshot from Netflix Page

In Awake: The Million Dollar Game, seven contestants are asked to stay awake for 24 hours where they're asked to count the total number of coins and make their guesses about how much money they have counted over the timeframe. Those who guess the least accurate are eliminated and those who are still in the show go through different physical and mental challenges for the main game. 

Stream it on Netflix.

Rhythm + Flow

Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and Tip "T.I." Harris host Rhythm + Flow, Netflix's first music competition show where they go on a multi-city search in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago to find raw talent, look fort he next hip hop sensation, and help artists pursue their careers. 

Stream it on Netflix.

Cooking on High

Screenshot from Netflix Page

Cooking on High is an American cooking competition where the competitors prepare dishes that contain marijuana as its main ingredient. The show is hosted by YouTuber Josh Leyva. 

Stream it on Netflix.

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