Enola Holmes Millie Bobby Brown

Q&A: Millie Bobby Brown on Being ‘Enola Holmes’ and Producing a Netflix Film

The new Netflix film with Brown as titular character features an all-star cast that includes Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sam Claflin.

There are reviews already, and what we’re reading are positive, solid raves about your film. Did you have any concerns before it came out? And how do you feel about the reviews, or have you read them already?

You know what, I don’t get nervous about things like that. Because you got to think of it like this, right? Once you make something, you’ve made it, there’s no going back. There’s no changing it. As much as I watched myself and I say, ‘I wish I didn’t do that,’ or ‘I wish I didn’t blink at that moment, because I could have made that 10 times better.’ Or ‘I wish I didn’t cry at that moment and I changed it.’ ‘I wish my comedic timing was at that moment.’ You’re gonna sit there and do that all day long.

I am genuinely so proud of this film. And there is not one moment where I sat and questioned anything or was concerned. Because what I know is that we made something, a real collaborative effort. Harry Bradbeer and Ali Mendes and pretty much every single cast member that put, you know, 10 out of 10 effort in this film. For me, this is my masterpiece. However, if you love it, I’m so happy. And if you don’t, I’m sorry. But this is genuinely one of the most exciting parts of my life. I’ve had to keep this secret from everyone for a really long time.

I haven’t been concerned one bit because at the end of the day, I know I’m proud of it. My parents are proud of it. And my little sister Ava doesn’t stop saying, “Let’s watch Enola again. Let’s watch Enola again!” I’m like, “Ava. No, I can’t listen to my voice anymore. I can’t listen to ‘Now, where to begin?’ No, no, no, no, stop it now. Go to bed.” She’s like, “Can we just watch?” That’s good. I mean, it’s pretty good. So when she said that, I was like, no, I don’t need to be concerned. She likes it, which means I think it’s good.

Catch Millie in Enola Holmes when it streams on Netflix this September 23.


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Enola Holmes
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