‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ is the Comeback Drama We’ve Waited For

The Story: 

The King: Eternal Monarch is a Korean drama centering on people from two different worlds whose lives are all interconnected with each other. It stars Lee Min Ho as Lee Gon – the King of the Kingdom of Corea from the parallel world who is looking for a way to seal the gates between the two worlds – and Kim Go Eun as Jung Tae Eul, a police detective from the “real world” whose goal in life is to protect the people around her. 

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A fan of Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, and the rest of the K-drama’s star-studded cast. The King: Eternal Monarch marks Lee Min Ho’s return to dramas after his 3-year hiatus and military enlistment, as well as Kim Go Eun’s comeback drama after the huge success of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God in 2016. This drama is also a must-watch for those who are into fantasy dramas, and are fas of Kim Eun Sook’s previous works like The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, and Mr. Sunshine – some of the most well-loved and successful dramas in the recent years. 

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What I think: 

When The King: Eternal Monarch launched on Netflix, I was still on the process of moving on after having finished another Kim Eun Sook drama, Mr. Sunshine. Because I loved the drama so much, it was only natural that I expect a lot from the writer since her most recent works didn’t really disappoint me. Four episodes into The King, I find myself confused at times about the path that they want the story to take. 

Still, though, I’m intrigued. Parallel universes (and some time travel, perhaps?) are subjects that are hard to pull off, so I want to see how the writers approach that. I was still in the middle of wanting to drop it and continuing it just to see how it goes, but after the end scene of Episode 4 when (*spoiler alert*) Tae Eul was finally able to cross to Lee Gon’s world I just knew that I would want to see her move around in a world that’s like but is completely different, from hers. The drama is finally picking up its pace, so I’m excited to know more about not only Lee Gon and Tae Eul, but also on the other people around them! 

The King: Eternal Monarch is now streaming on Netflix. New episodes drop every Friday and Saturday at 10:30PM.

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