WATCH: Trailer of Netflix Animated Anthology ‘Love Death + Robots’ is Sweet and Lethal

See the trailer for 'Love Death + Robots,' an animated anthology comprised of eighteen short stories for the mature audiences.

A trailer for the upcoming Netflix animated anthology, Love Death + Robots has arrived and it promises eighteen short, sweet, and lethal stories that will cater to mature audiences.

See the trailer here:

The trailer mostly gave sneak peeks of its medley of episodes, each with a style different from the others. And it is not your typical animated series either, the graphics that present movie-like quality can speak for itself.

The series of clips teases thrilling action and romance, with a mix of gore and sex, but we might expect more when the series gets released. It is for mature audiences after all.

Created by Tim Miller and David Fincher, Love Death + Robots will arrive on Netflix this March 15th. Watch the animated anthology here.


Homestream image screengrabbed from the trailer.

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TV Show Info

Love, Death & Robots
Animation, Horror, Sci-Fi
Produced by
Tim Miller & David Fincher

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