WATCH: Trailer for Netflix's New Sci-Fi Thriller 'Biohackers'

WATCH: Trailer for Netflix’s New Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Biohackers’

This new series will look into genetic alterations and its ethical implications.

Wondering what to watch after Dark? Check out Biohackers! Biohackers is a new European sci-fi thriller series coming to Netflix, which focuses on ‘biohacking’ technology and the ethical questions that come with it.

Watch its trailer below:

The show promises a gripping story about friendship, love, and revenge. It follows the medicine student Mia, whose interest in biohacking-technology is partly a ploy to gain the trust of Prof. Tanja Lorenz.

The two are connected by a dark secret, and Mia would stop at nothing to uncover answers for her brother’s death, even if it takes her into a dangerous world of illegal genetic experiences.

The six-part Netflix original series stars Luna Wedler, Jessica Schwarz, Adrian Julius Tillmann, Caro Cult, and more. Christian Ditter of Love, Rosie and How to be Single makes his showrunner debut for Biohackers which will premiere on Netflix this August 20.


Check out its official page on Netflix for more information.

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TV Show Info

Sci-fi, Thriller
Produced by
Christian Ditter

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