Haikyu!! Fans, More Seasons are Coming to Netflix this July!

Those who have seen the first season of Haikyu!! on Netflix would definitely know the feeling (and the struggle) of finishing all 25 episodes and learning that the next seasons are still not available on Netflix. Here’s good news for you: more seasons are set to arrive on Netflix this July 3!

While we’re still not sure just how many seasons will be available starting next week, Netflix still made sure that fans won’t run out of Haikyu!! content as 2 movies will also be available from that day! These movies serve as the recaps to seasons 1 and 2, with extra clips from scenes you haven’t seen from the anime series.

Haikyu!! centers on Hinata Shoyou who enters Karasuno’s High School’s volleyball after seeing the school “Little Giant” play years ago. It’s there that he meets his sworn rival Kageyama Tobio who later becomes his teammate. The two then try to work on each other’s strengths and weakness as they make their team one of the best in Japan.

You can stream the first season of Haikyu!! here while waiting for the new seasons to drop.

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