FOX Movies in July 2020

8 Movies Coming to FOX Movies This July 2020

Looking for more movies to watch on TV this July? Have an incredible Hollywood experience with FOX Movies this month.

From Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra to Cate Blanchett’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, here’s a roundup of 8 exciting and new movies to add to your must-watch movie list:

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Starring Kevin Costner, Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfreid
Premieres July 4, 9pm

Aspiring Formula One race car driver Denny and his golden retriever Enzo learns that the techniques needed on the race track can also be used to successfully navigate the journey of life.

Sword Of Trust

Starring Marc Maron, Jon Bass, Michaela Watkins
Premieres July 6, 9pm


Cynthia and Mary collect Cynthia’s inheritance from her deceased grandfather, an antique sword that was believed by her grandfather to be proof that the South won the Civil War.

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Starring Cate Blanchett, Billy Curdup, Emma Nelson
Premieres July 11, 9pm

A loving mom becomes compelled to reconnect with her creative passions after years of sacrificing herself for her family. Her leap of faith takes her on an epic adventure that jump-starts her life and leads to her triumphant rediscovery.

Mickey and the Bear

Starring Camila Morrone, James Badge Dale, Calvin Demba
Premieres July 13, 9pm

Faced with the responsibility to take care of her addict, veteran father, headstrong teen Mickey Peck keeps her househould afloat.

Ad Astra

Starring Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga
Premieres July 18, 9pm

Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.

Waiting For Anya

Starring Anjelica Huston, Jean Reno, Thomas Kretschmann
Premieres July 20, 9pm

During the harrows of WWII, Jo, a young shepherd along with the help of the widow Horcada, helps to smuggle Jewish children across the border from southern France into Spain.

Code 8

Starring Kari Matchett, Robbie Amell, Penny Eizenga
Premieres July 25, 9pm

A super-powered construction worker falls in with a group of criminals in order to raise the funds to help his ill mother.


Starring Toby Kebbel, Penelope Mitchell, Jason Patric
Premieres July 27, 9pm

A young woman learns her fiance has become possessed by an entity.

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Ad Astra
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Code 8

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