Kabarkada Break The Bank

The newest and most interactive game show on TV!

Kabarkada Break The Bank, the latest collaboration between Studio 23, ABS-CBN Interactive, and Endemol, is the newest and most interactive game show on TV.

Deal or No Deal, Break the Bank employs 14 suitcases containing cash prizes between one peso to over a hundred thousand pesos. Viewers can join by texting a suitcase number of their choice anytime of the day. During the show, the ‘randomizer’ picks a number and a lucky viewer is chosen from the lot and called on live TV. This is when the negotiation starts.

But the experience does not end there. Everyday, controversial DJ Mo Twister is joined by the sophisticated and no-nonsense Lady Banker and her ATM (Automated Tension Machine), in dishing out exciting, unpredictable, and fun-filled episodes where lots of cash and prizes can be won by YOU — wherever you are!

Watch Studio 23’s newest game show, Kabarkada Break the Bank which airs Mondays – Fridays, 7:30 – 8:30 pm and broadcasted live via www.studio23.tv

I’m looking for Kabarkada Break the Bank.


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