Check Out The Trailer to the Season 2 of Netflix’ ‘My First First Love’!

Missed Tae-Oh and the whole crew already? 'My First First Love' comes back for season 2 this July 26!

Missed Tae-Oh and the whole crew already? 

The wait is not too long from now, because the second season of My First First Love is set to drop on Netflix this July 26! Fans are also treated with the show's official trailer, adding up to the excitement and the curiosity as to whether or not our ships will continue to sail until the end! 

Check it out below: 

The first season ended with a cliffhanger, just as Tae-Oh finds out about Song I and Do Hyeon's relationship. While this is getting on Tae Oh's nerves, Do Hyeon is also getting more anxious and jealous with the closeness between Tae Oh and Song I.

Meanwhile, Hun and Ga Rin are determined to go about finding their passion and purpose in life as they explore different things which they find interest in.  


Photo: Netflix

My First First Love centers on 5 college kids who move into one of their friends' house due to their own personal complicated reasons. There, they discover more about themselves and their dreams as they experience friendship, growth, and unexpected love. 

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The drama stars Jisoo, Jung Chaeyeon, Jinyoung, Kang Tae Oh, and Choi Ri. 

My First First Love Season 2 launches globally on Netflix this July 26. Stream the first season here

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