Hallmark Channel’s New Year Hit List

A fresh and exciting line up of programs and premieres.

The Asia-Pacific region’s leading family network brings good tidings for the month of January with a fresh and exciting line up of programs and premieres that will make watching the Hallmark Channel first on everyone’s list of new year resolutions.

Meg Pryor is a style-conscious 15-year-old whose life revolves around the popular dance show, American Bandstand. While Meg’s younger brother and sister are concerned with simple pursuits, her older brother, JJ, is fighting to follow his dreams instead of his father’s. Unknown to the kids, their parents are struggling to define their own evolving relationship as partners, parents and people. Meanwhile, the world swirls around them – a vibrant combination of rock and roll, equal rights and soon, war.


With lead actresses Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Linday Price, Lipstick Jungle begins airing on January 8, Thursdays at 10pm, with encore telecasts starting January 9, every Friday at 11pm.

2009 begins with a bang and holds promise of better things to come as Hallmark Channel gets off to a grand start with compelling and must-see movie premieres teeming with gripping suspense, murder, mystery and deception.


McBride is back with two new film features. In McBride 9: Semper Fi, premiering January 24, Saturday at 9pm, a war hero returning home only 7 months from war zone is prime suspect in the stabbing murder of his pregnant wife; while the death of a virtuoso classical violinist and critic’s darling is the case our sleuth has to solve in McBride 9: Requiem airing January 31, Saturday at 9pm.

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