Catch Feelings at the Netlflix ‘Love Alarm’ Experience in Lotte World Tower Park, Seoul

Fans of the famous Korea webtoon can now stream the live-action series adaptation on Netflix, and if you find yourself Seoul-searching in Korea, you can even experience the Love Alarm interactive installations yourself!

Fans of the famous Korea webtoon 'Love Alarm' can now stream the live-action series adaptation on Netflix, and if you find yourself Seoul-searching in Korea, you can even experience the Love Alarm interactive installations yourself!


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Korea’s famous webtoon about an app that reveals crushes is now a live action K drama, directed by Lee Na-jung (‘Fight For My Way’). In the new series, the Love Alarm rings your phone whenever someone who likes you is within 10 meters — will you download this app that reveals your true feelings?

Jung Ga-ram (Hye-Young), Kim So-hyun (Jojo), and Song Kang (Sun-oh) comprise the main cast of 'Love Alarm' 

Located at the Lotte World Tower Park in Seoul, South Korea is a unique interactive offering created by Netflix to give fans all the feels, and more content for their 'gram. The Love Alarm Experience zone is a free attraction that guests can check out daily from 4pm to 10pm until September 1, 2019. The pop-up event offers plenty picture-worthy moments for fans, and was graced by the actors recently so they can experience the installations themselves.

'Love Alarm' actors try out the Love Heart tree, where you can choose a heart icon and colors and send it to the tree to watch it animate with the lights.
Love Heart Tree 
Enter the pink and blue 'snow globes' and strike a pose!


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Kim So-hyun (Kim Jojo), Jung Ga-ram (Hye-young), and Song Kang (Sun-oh), play the main characters of the series that discover each other’s feelings through the Love Alarm app. The two best friends find themselves falling in love with the same girl, who also has problems of her own with her painful past.

Chon Kye-young, the creator of the original webtoon, shares excitement that Netflix is turning her work into a series. "I thought Netflix was the perfect media to tell the story," she says, "In particular, I had faith in Netflix and knew that they would explore the story of Love Alarm deeper than simply turning it into a romance with a love triangle."


Directed by Lee Na-jung and starring Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang, Love Alarm is now streaming on Netflix.

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