More than 10 Korean Original Series are Coming To Netflix Soon!

K-Drama fans, which of these shows are you most excited to see on Netflix?

K-drama fans, if you've already binge-watched all of Netflix' original dramas, My First First Love, Kingdom, and Love Alarm, chances are, there's this gaping hole in your chest that just needs to be filled by, well, more K-dramas. Worry not, though, because it has just been recently announced that the streaming site will be producing more originals, set to premiere in the next months! 

This was announced by Rob Roy, Vice President – Content at Netflix APAC, during the 14th Asian TV Drama Conference, as their way to showcase Korea's talent when it comes to storytelling. 

“Whether it is a story about a Joseon crown prince saving his kingdom from zombies or a school nurse protecting students with her supernatural gift, each show is about how the TV form is helping to realize the artistic visions of Korean creators, and Netflix is honored to bring these stories to the world, bringing their creative visions to life on the screen," Roy stated. 

Here are just some of the upcoming Netflix Korean Original series to watch out for: 

Busted, Season 2


Netflix' first ever Korean Original variety show, Busted, is coming back for season 2! This star-studded show features a group of 7 people who act like detectives and try to solve a different mystery each episode, presented by other known Korean actors and comedians. Returning for the new season are Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Min, Ahn Jae Wook, Park Min Young, Lee Kwang Soo, Gugudan's Kim Se Jeong, and EXO's Sehun. 


Extracurricular tells the story of high school students who get caught in a series of events that challenge their values and morality. One ends up committing a crime to make college tuition on his own, while another gets involved in the same crime. 

Kingdom, Season 2

Kingdom is also set to return for the second season next year, picking up where the first season ended, when the crown prince Yi Chang was just figuring out the weakness of the infected people (or so he thought). He must then find out a way to save his people from those who are immune to death and hungry for flesh. 

My Holo Love

Park Narae: Glamor Warning 

Park Narae: Glamor Warning is a Netflix stand-up comedy special which features one of South Korea's most popular comedians, Park Narae. 

Round Six

From the same director that gave us Miss Granny comes Round Six, a story centered on people, all who failed at life, who receives a mysterious invitation to join a survival game where they can win 10 million US dollars. The said game will be taking place in an unknown location, where they will be locked up until there is one winner. 

The School Nurse Files 

In The School Nurse Files, a newly-appointed high school nurse discovers secrets and mysteries with her supernatural abilities to chase ghosts. 

Details on the release date of these shows are yet to be announced. 

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