‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 is Officially Happening!

This is confirmed by the show's official social media pages!

It's been a few months since the third season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix, and just like every other person who's binge-watched all eight episodes in one night, we're all just dying to know what happens to our favorite gang after that ending, right? 

Good news for us then, because Season 4 is officially on its way, as confirmed by a video uploaded just last night by the show's official social media pages! Watch it below: 

In typical Stranger Things fashion, the clip didn't explicitly reveal anything about the upcoming season's plot, except for the little easter eggs hidden in one of the shots. This includes a sign that read Hawkins, a glimmer of light (which people theorized could be Hopper in the Upside Down!!!), and a clock which seemed, yep, upside down! 

The clip also hinted that they're "not in Hawkins anymore", which could mean a lot of things, especially since Will and Eleven moved out of Hawkins, and it's been revealed that a secret Russian lab has been operating (and is holding an American prisoner) and learning more about the Upside Down. 

Still, nothing is confirmed about where the fourth season will be taking us and all we can do is wait until it finally launches. For this, you can keep checking back on Stranger Things' official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for updates on the upcoming show. 


You can stream the show's first three seasons on Netflix. 

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