Get Inside the Mind of A Monster

Get to know how infamous serial killers’ minds tick with Discovery Channel’s first installment of Mind of A Monster, exploring Ted Bundy’s transformation into America’s first serial killer.

True crime genre has been on the rise, as society remains intrigued by serial killers and the atrocious crimes they commit. For decades, people have studied how, when, and where these killers struck but never came to a concrete answer as to why.

Ted Bundy

One of the most infamous murderers is America’s first serial killer, Theodore “Ted” Bundy. Countless documentaries, movies, articles, and podcasts have delved into the horrors of his actions but there’s always more to learn about his behavior and his psyche.

Catch Ted Bundy: Mind of A Monster as it unveils new testimonies from friends and families of his victims and fresh insights from people directly involved in the cases. Try and understand the innerworkings of Bundy’s mind through an extensive audio archive from the criminal himself.

Follow the story of Ted Bundy’s life, detailing his transformation as one of the most notorious killers in history in the premiere of Ted Bundy: Mind of A Monster this Sunday, 03 November 2019, at 9:50 p.m. only on Discovery Channel.


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