One Night Stand with Annie Sibonney

Immerse yourself in the different cultures of Barcelona, Charleston, Glasgow, Montreal and Mexico City as Annie Sibonney shows you how best to explore each city with less than 24 hours under your belt: after dark!

Spend a night in five of the world’s greatest cities with television host and culinary adventurer Annie Sibonney, as she travels the world’s hippest hotspots to uncover the best in food, culture, and the “unexpected”…especially after nightfall. Premiering every Monday at 9:00 p.m. starting December 1, TLC’s brand new series, One Night Stand with Annie Sibonney, invites viewers to Barcelona, Charleston, Glasgow, Montreal and Mexico City for whirlwind overnight visits that provide the real feel and rhythm of every locale. Encores every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. and Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

Save the museums, shopping and touring for the day. Annie’s philosophy is to get a true taste of a city…you need to savour it after dark! Each hour-long episode kicks off in a different town at sundown, as she takes you on a nocturnal mission to remember. With less than 24 hours in each destination, Annie starts her night-time adventures with the local version of happy hour and continues through dinner, dessert, late-night cravings and everything in between. She immerses herself into the culture at every stop and dives into the local scene. Before jetting off to her next city, she makes one final rendezvous for a hangover meal or “the morning after” breakfast.

In cosmopolitan Barcelona, Annie’s second home, she starts with her ritual of fer el vermut: a vermouth aperitif, accompanied by a tapas crawl with old friends. She also gets into a wetsuit to go foraging for Salvador Dali’s food obsession – sea urchins. Later she bellies up to a late-night feast with some of the best chefs in Spain, kick-bikes down a mountainside, and gets painted in chocolate.

Then, explore the Gullah community, the most preserved African culture in the United States, through its rich history, food and music in the South Carolina Lowcountry, as Annie heads to Charleston. There she gets a primer on southern gentility before throwing manners out the window for a hillbilly squirrel hunt. After a night of sinful excess, Annie finds redemption in a soul food breakfast and a rousing gospel choir.

Next, get a taste of pristine Scottish seafood and some of the best curries in the United Kingdom before capping your night with a boozy “sub crawl” on the underground in Glasgow. Here, Annie goes a few rounds with some of the world’s best boxers in Glasgow’s tough East End to experience how locals let off steam, and shows viewers that the city is so much more than haggis and single malt.


Montreal proves why it is a city that lives up to the expression ‘joie de vivre’. Annie stays up late to join the denizens of Montreal’s hot culinary scene for a champagne-fueled pub crawl that includes a front row seat at a burlesque show. In a less risqué adventure, she goes eel fishing with her bare hands before winding down with the most indulgent brunch in her life – her favourite meal from the entire series. The “epic, cinematic, brunch of excess” featured ostrich eggs, 14-pound lobsters and absinthe cocktails…all at 10 in the morning!

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Finally, find out why Mexico City is one of the most dynamic places on Earth with its colourful clash of upscale streets and sketchy barrios. In this episode, Annie takes a canal boat to the pre-Hispanic oasis of Xochimilco, gorges herself on delicious street food and joins three masked Lucha Libre wrestlers for an electric test of bravado and a cerveza (beer) at a local cantina.

Tune in to One Night Stand with Annie Sibonney on TLC this December for an inside track to the hidden haunts and local hangouts in some of the world’s most exciting cities, and have an unforgettable time.

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