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ClickTheCity Faves: What We're Watching This Week

ClickTheCity Faves: What We’re Watching This Week

Be it K-Drama or Netflix Original, a thrilling movie or a YouTube channel, we want to know (and share!) what forms of entertainment people are enjoying during this lockdown.

What shows are you watching this week? Be it K-Drama or Netflix Original, a thrilling movie or a YouTube channel, we want to know (and share!) what forms of entertainment people are enjoying during this lockdown.

What's on your binge list this week?

Here’s this week’s rundown of  hand-picked streaming content you can watch at your homes. Which one is next on your binge list?

1. RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race | Watch it on Netflix

The time has come for you to lipsync for your charity!

This spin-off of Ru Paul’s Drag Race has to be the worst kept secret, especially now that all episodes are available on Netflix. This four-episode special pits celebrities against each other as they are mentored and given a drag makeover by RPDR queens. They take on popular Drag Race challenges and end each episode with an epic lip-sync, where Mama Ru decides which queen takes the crown and $30,000 for their charity of choice.

What makes this series extra special, aside from raising funds for charity, is that it also introduces the drag culture to straight men and women with breathtaking results. Where else can you find straight men in full drag declaring to the world that everyone must do drag once in their life? Not only is it highly entertaining, it’s also sprinkled with heart-tugging moments that’s guaranteed to shed a tear or two.


Beatriz Acosta

2. Castle Rock | Watch it on Netflix

Castle Rock has been on Hulu since 2018, and I’ve always been curious about it. It is a psychological thriller series that ties together the themes and characters from the Stephen King canon. I’ve only read two of King’s books and have seen about seven film adaptations. Not much, compared to the writer’s lengthy list of works, but having seen these few titles was enough reason for me to check out this show that finally dropped on Netflix.

What I like about this series so far is that it doesn’t immediately go full on with horror. Like King’s style, it’s more of a gripping mystery, subtly sprinkled with the supernatural here and there. And since it’s an original story, I believe anyone can enjoy it no matter how much knowledge you have on the Stephen King canon. But then of course, the avid fans out there who get all of its references would probably enjoy it the most.

Abraham Doctor

3. Becoming | Watch it on Netflix

Spanning for about an hour and thirty minutes, Becoming is a behind-the-scenes documentary on former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book tour. It follows the classy and funny Mrs. Obama on her tour and documents her discussions with people around America. What I like about it is you see a glimpse of how she became what she is now. It slightly taps on her childhood, school days, meeting Barack Obama, marriage, children, and more. Catch how she wittily answers her celebrity moderates like Oprah Winfrey, Resse Witherspoon, and Stephen Colbert, to name a few. In need of a little bit of empowerment? Watch this documentary which is meant to be a visual accompaniment of her book.

Nadine Macandog

4. Haikyu | Watch it on Netflix

Haikyu!! is an anime series centering on a high school volleyball team, and the relationship between its two up-and-coming players. What I love about this series is how it shows how every member of the team improves, not only on their volleyball skills, but also on their relationships with the entire team. The match episodes are thrilling and exciting, and it got me – someone who’s not into anime – so hooked that I just end up staying up late just to be able to watch 6 episodes in one go!

Rendcel Isip

We want to know what you are watching now, too! Message us your favorites on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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