5 Questions We Want Answered For ‘Kingdom’ Season 2

To make catching up a lot easier for all of us, we're giving you a rundown of all the questions we had after being left on such a cliffhanger.

Kingdom fans, we're now a day away from the premiere of the Netflix Korean drama's Season 2! And now that the much-awaited comeback is upon us, we're sure that there are a lot of you rewatching so everyone is all caught up with all the drama and politics of the show. 

To make catching up a lot easier for all of us, we're giving you a rundown of all the questions we had after being left on such a cliffhanger. We really need all these 5 questions answered once Kingdom Season 2 arrives on Netflix tomorrow! 

1. What is the real weakness of the Undead? 

Photo: Netflix

Winter has finally come to Joseon. Just as Prince Yi Chang and his people are getting confident of beating the Undead by night and relaxing during the day, he is caught off-guard when he realizes that their weakness isn't what they thought it was. How will they be able to prepare and fight the army of zombies now that they remain awake even after the sun rises? 

More importantly, how will Chang's party be able to make it out alive of their battle place in Sangju without losing half of them to the Undead? 


2. What really happened at that birthing place? 

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At the end of season 1, it was revealed that Queen Cho was actually faking her pregnancy all along. She then used medicine on all the pregnant women in the city to induce labor, waiting for a son to be born. All the women who give birth to a girl are then executed with their newborns. Now, we ask if one of these ladies gave birth to a boy and if the queen will actually succeed in her scheme of making his child the new Crown Prince of the kingdom.

3. Does Cho Hak Ju know what his daughter, the Queen, is planning? 

Photo: Netflix

In relation to the second question, we also wonder whether or not Cho Hak Ju is aware that the Queen has been faking everything, and if it was even his plan, to begin with. Cunning and thirsty for power, we're pretty sure that Cho will do everything to keep his family in power and make sure that the next king of Joseon is his kin.

4. Is there a traitor or a mole in Crown Prince Yi Chang's party? 

Photo: Netflix

During the season finale of the drama, Lord Ahn Hyeon suggested to Yi Chang that there could be a mole among his men. Besides, how else are Cho's men supposed to know that they were en route to Sangju if it wasn't for someone passing on information to him? 

Theories online vary from person to person, but most of the fans point their fingers at Chang's bodyguard Moo Young. This is because it was shown in the previous episodes that his wife is one of the women held at the birthing house, and that he could be acting as the reluctant spy so as to protect his family. 

Others point to the marksman Yeong Shin as there's not much to be known about him, but others say it could also be Lord Ahn who could be misleading the prince or just trying to gain his trust. The mole could also be non-existent, and is just the show's way of trying to mess with our minds, right? 

5. Will Seo Bi be able to find the cure for the plague? 

Photo: Netflix

Finally, the question we all want to know. The records of physician Lee Seung Hui said that the Resurrection Plant – which was also used to bring the King back to life – also holds the cure for the plague. The season ended with Seo Bi and Beom Pal at the Frozen Valley, where they saw the purple flower in bloom. 

Now the question is whether or not they'll finally be able to create the antidote for the Undead, and if they'll be able to do this just before the situation gets worse and infects the entirety of Joseon. 

Kingdom stars Ju Ji Hoon, Bae Doona, Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim Sang Ho, Kim Sung Kyu, and more. It's directed by Kim Seung Hun (A Hard Day, The Tunnel), with a screenplay by Kim Eun Hee (Signal, Phantom). 

The second season of Kingdom launches globally on Netflix this March 13. Read on our Q&A with the cast and the creators or catch up and rewatch the first season here

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