LOOK: ‘Kingdom’ Cast Strike a Pose for Season 2 Promos

They're drop dead gorgeous!

Who's excited for the second season of Netflix's Kingdom? We know we are!

For everyone out there who, like us, are very much excited for this season's release, we've got something for you! Before we dive back into the gritty world of Kingdom, Netflix shared with us some photos of our favorite stars from the show, and we can't help but fall in love with their fresh and far-from-the-zombies looks! Check them out below:

Ju Ji-hoon (Photo: Young Jun Kim Netflix)
Bae Doona​
(Photo: Young Jun Kim 
Ryu Seung-ryong​
(Photo: Young Jun Kim 
(Photo: Young Jun Kim Netflix)
(Photo: Young Jun Kim Netflix)
(Photo: Young Jun Kim Netflix)

The photoshoot features Ju Ji-hoon, who plays the Crown Prince Lee Chang; Bae Doona who plays the physician Seo-bi; Ryu Seung-ryong who plays Lord Cho Hak-ju; and Kim Sung-kyu who plays the enigmatic warrior Yeong Shin.

Kim Sung-kyu
(Photo: Young Jun Kim 
(Photo: Young Jun Kim Netflix)
(Photo: Young Jun Kim Netflix)

Kingdom season 2 brings us back to Joseon era, where the dead had risen to prey on the living. The series mainly follows the Crown Prince Lee Chang in his mission to save his people from the kingdom's conspirators who seized his father's power, while the land faces a terrifying zombie infestation.

After leaving us with a huge cliffhanger back in season 1, we could only hope that our hanging questions will finally get its answers when the new season finally comes out.


Catch the second season of Kingdom coming out today on Netflix! You may also check out our Q&A with the cast and the creators of the show.

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