Science is both fun and heroic this December on Discovery Kids!

Science doesn’t just make you smart – it makes you brave, and funny too!

Science doesn’t just make you smart – it makes you brave, and funny too!

What happens when you amplify the crazy, gory, peculiar side of science? You give rise to a new formula for learning! Enjoy a lighthearted science class combined with wit and humour in Horrible Science, a new Discovery series to premiere this December 7, Mondays at 5pm.

Horrible Science

Kids today are the next generation’s future leaders. And what better way to start the practice than with a hands-on immersion guided by their adult counterparts? Working alongside certified coastguards, fire service, and mountain rescue teams from across the country is indeed a fulfilling experience. But can these heroic kids hold out to what’s expected of them? Find out in Hero Squad, premiering this December 10, Thursdays at 5pm.

Investigation month on Animal Planet

Mysteries of our planet will be revealed this December on Animal Planet!


Finding Bigfoot

This month, join field researchers in their quest to find sasquatches in North America territory. With their trail of gathered records, evidences, and witnesses, will they be able to prove the existence of Bigfoot? Gap in closer to the truth with the new season premiere of Finding Bigfoot this December 10, airing Thursdays, 9PM.

New shows on Discovery Science!

This month on Discovery Science, the hunt for only the coolest big boy toys begins!

Tech Toys

Travel all over the world in search for limited-edition fast cars, private jets, the best beer, wine, food, and cigars. Stay up-to-date with all the latest gears you can add to your list with the new season of Tech Toys 360 starting December 9. Catch it Wednesdays at 9PM.

A new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery HD World

Life is not without its challenges. This December, Discovery World HD brings you an update on the life of the Kilchers!

ALaska The Last Frontier

For four generations, the Kilcher family has lived a subsistence lifestyle on their Alaskan homestead. After one of the harshest Alaskan winters on record, the Kilchers’ supplies are running low, making the short summer prep season even more precious. Will they be able to spring back up? Find out in the new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier, premiering every Thursdays at 9PM.


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