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ClickTheCity Faves: What We’re Watching This Week

We're once again rounding up a few of our favorite stream-worthy content to keep you entertained at home. Which of these titles is also your top pick?

Let’s kickstart May with a few of our favorite binge-worthy things!

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Can’t. Stop. Watching.

We’re once again rounding up a few of our favorite stream-worthy content to keep you entertained at home. Which of these titles is also your top pick?

1. Kiki’s Delivery Service | Watch it on Netflix

Studio Ghibli landed on Netflix​ earlier this year,​ ​so it is a joy to re-watch my favorite Miyazaki animes. I highly recommend Kiki’s Delivery Service, a​ coming of age story of a young girl who leaves her home for another town to train as a witch. At the new town, Kiki starts a delivery business using her mom’s trusty broom. While running her business, she encounters interesting characters and adventures along the way. It’s a great children’s animation released in 1989, yet its heartwarming story is timeless — just like any Ghibli fairy tale. Perfect for the entire family to watch!

​ ​Beatriz Acosta

2. The World of The Married | Watch it on Viu

The World of the Married is all the rave in K-drama world lately. Finally, I was able to check it out! It’s about Ji Sun Woo, a doctor whose life seems perfect until she discovers her husband has been cheating on her. The writing for this show is so good, and so every episode makes your blood boil. You’ll realize a newfound hate on everyone who’s crossed Sunwoo. The show is stressful! But it’s so addicting and it keeps you anticipating what her next move is. I went into this drama not knowing what ‘makjang drama’ means, but now I get it… it’s the chaos, the cheating, and the over-the-top scheming its characters have against each other!

Rendcel Isip

3. Into The Night | Watch it on Netflix

Two days after the release of Into The Night on Netflix, I saw the title on my feed and didn’t think I was going to finish all six episodes in one sitting. The Belgian Sci-Fi based on Jacek Dukaj’s novel The Old Axolotl. It follows the story of passengers on an overnight flight from Brussels onboard to survive. This is because they find out that the sun suddenly kills everything in its path. The show has some flaws and there are annoying characters, but the storytelling will make you hold onto your seats for what’s about to happen. So, if you’re looking for something amusing and suspenseful to watch, try the first few episodes. You’ll be watching the whole show like me before you know it!

Nadine Macandog

4. The Infographics Show | Watch it on YouTube

One of my favorite pastimes is binge-watching videos at The Infographics Show Youtube channel. They have all sorts of stories and everything is presented with nice motion graphics. Topics include historical events, scientific trivias and experiments (often going horribly wrong), and even What If stories. For example, what would happen if you actually come face to face with the most dangerous monsters in horror films? Not only are their videos short and visually engaging, they’re also explained in a conversational manner without too much mumbo jumbo. In short, you can learn and be entertained at the same time!

Abraham Doctor

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