Netflix Brought Stranger Things, Riverdale at This Year’s AsiaPop ComiCon

And you shouldn't miss it!

Unleash your inner geek at AsiaPOP Comicon's Netflix booth! This year, they have a showcase of some of their top rating shows. From Stranger Things to Riverdale to Orange is the New Black, get your cameras and take the opportunity to relive your favorite scenes. 


Start your tour at the Byers Living Room and make sure you try to communicate with Will from the Upside Down through the lights on the wall.

Enter the Upside Down and get yourselves ready for a good scare, thanks to the Demogorgon chilling by the tree.

See the actual Hawkins van Eleven flipped in the show which will give you a passageway to the next set you must see! 




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Don't forget to get your mugshots taken at the Orange is the New Black room. Also take note that you could approach one of the other prisoners which will help you perfect cateye look. 



Take the best Riverdale-inspired photo at Pops Chock'lit Shoppe, complete with the neon lights, 50s diner-look, and a free serving of the their milkshake. 



Experience the world of Death Note in virtual reality. Allot 10 mins for the whole session. We can't promise you won't scream! 

If you've already been there, make sure to shar eyour photos and use the tag #NetflixAPCC to get a candle you could light in memory of Barbs. 

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TV Show Info

Stranger Things
Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama
Teen Drama, Mystery
Orange is the New Black
Comedy, Drama

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