Ray Fisher, Tyler Hoechlin and Stranger Things Cast Answers Questions We’re Dying To Know

Ever wondered what your favorite TV characters think about crossover episodes?

In case you missed it, AsiaPOP ComiCon Manila's third year happened this weekend and ran from August 25 to 27 at SMX Convention Center. Sure, the Netflix's interactive booth had one of the longest line, but, a few highlights of it were the media junkets where we got to actually talk to Ray Fisher who plays Cyborg in the upcoming film Justice League and Tyler Hoechlin who stars in MTV's Teen Wolf and plays Superman in The CW's Supergirl.

If your character could appear in another film or series, where would it be and why?

Ray Fisher: He'd probably go and hangout with Mr. Robot and they'll get along pretty well for obvious reasons. What I think would be cool is them having a hacker talk or a dialogue and see if Mr. Robot could potentially hack Cyborg.

A fan of Teen Wolf and Supergirl? The newest Clark Kent shares his favorite show of all time is Game of Thrones but it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be on it.


What other series would you like to be on?

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Tyler Hoechlin: Game of Thrones is my favorite show of all time but it's a weird thing since I've come to a realization that you almost don't want to be on it because you're too invested in it. You just can't be on set since you'll probably see them standing next to green cardboard boxes and it will ruin it for you. So I don't know, the things I'm the biggest fan of are the things I don't want to be on. I would say a show that maybe doesn't take away the mystique and doesn't have a lot of effects is House of Cards or Narcos — I absolutely love those shows and would love to do anything on there. They're maybe not very ComiCon appropriate but they're two of my favorites which I can see myself in.

After the series of media sessions with Ray Fisher and Tyler Hoechlin, we also got to attend Netflix's Stranger Things panel where the cast gamely answered questions from some of their lucky fans.

Noah Schnapp plays Will Byers
Image: Courtesy of Netflix
Joe Keery who plays Steve Harrington is coming back on Season 2
Image: Courtesy of Netflix
Billy is one of the newest character who is played by Dacre Montgomery
Image: Courtesy of Netflix
Sadie Sink will be playing Max who is one of the two new characters on the show
Image: Courtesy of Netflix

If you could be stuck with one of the characters in the Upside Down, who would it be?

Joe Keery: Hopper

Noah Schnapp: Joyce

Sadie Sink: Eleven

If you could play another character on the show, who would it be?

Dacre: Hopper

Joe: Mike

Noah: Eleven

Sadie: Will

A crossover you would want with any other Netflix show?

Joe: Ozark or House of Cards or Freaks and Geeks!

Any actors you want to work with in the future?

Dacre: Mahershala Ali

Joe: Harrison Ford

Noah: Tom Hanks

Sadie: Amy Adams

The Netflix panel ended with one of the fans asking who they want to add to the cast. Dacre Montgomery answered with Will Smith, Joe said he wants Kurt Russell to join while Noah and Sadie said a character played by Will Ferrell would be an interesting addition to the story.

Noah, Joe, Dacre and Sadie stand in front of their character posters which was released at the end of the Netflix Panel at AsiaPOP ComiCon Manila 2017
Image: Courtesy of Netflix


Stranger Things homestream image courtesy of Netflix

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