Netflix Reveals Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are Returning for ‘Bright’ Sequel

Can't get enough of Daryl Ward and Nick Jacoby? 

Can't get enough of Daryl Ward and Nick Jacoby? 

Worry not, because Netflix just announced that they will be giving their original film Bright a sequel! And it's going to be "brighter"! 

Check out the announcement video here: 

Bright follows two LAPD police officers – Officer Ward and Officer Jakoby – who must put aside their differences in fighting off orks, fairies, and an atomic blonde elf to save their fantastical world and protect Los Angeles from the forces of the underworld.

The film, which premiered on December 22, 2017, is said to be the highest viewed Netflix film on the first week of released, with it ranking the #1 movie in over 190 countries since its release! 


Photo: Matt Kennedy/Netflix

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will be reprising their roles as Ward and Jakoby, and David Ayer is still set to direct the sequel, even though the release date is still unannounced. 

For more information, you may visit Bright's official Netflix and Facebook pages. 


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